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Explore Monte do Malhão: an oasis where Eco, Design, Spa and Algarve intertwine. We offer five types of suites, from the elegant standard to the luxurious options with a jacuzzi or an equipped kitchen. We offer an eclectic and luxurious stay.


Relax in our spa, revitalize yourself in the heated swimming pool with hydromassage and enjoy breakfast with local products. This refuge, powered by renewable solutions, cultivates an atmosphere of well-being, nature and culture. Art exhibitions and events bring good social relationships back here.

Feel the authenticity of an untouched Algarve and live memorable experiences. Between the peaceful countryside and the stunning beaches, you’ll find harmony and easy routes.


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Luxurious Suites: From the comfort of a standard suite to the luxury of a suite with a Jacuzzi, including a room with an equipped kitchen, a stay at Monte do Malhão is truly unique, fusing relaxation with pure nature.


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Indulge in luxurious amenities, unwind at the spa, retreat to elegant suites, and immerse yourself in unique experiences at Monte do Malhão.


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The Arts Center

The Monte do Malhão Arts Centre was born in 2022 and is called «RuralizArte». It is an immense honor to be able to fill our clients’ stay with even more artistic expression.

Center for Arts in Rural Areas


With 17 very different pieces of art, “RuralizArte” features artists from Portugal, Spain, London and Cape Verde. Some of the artists have been with us for a number of years and it was our goal to have their work on display here. There are others whose works have been part of our collection since the beginning. And then there are those artists we’ve gotten to know better recently and didn’t want to miss out on.

Our Arts Centre has received significant funding from the Ministry of Culture’s “Garantir Cultura” program, which we joined in 2022. Over the 9 months of the project [entre Janeiro e Setembro de 2022] we have created a strong dynamic that is a veritable showcase of artists, and our aim is to strengthen the “Art” component of our space in order to contribute to a diversified offer for all those who come to visit the area where we are located.

Knowing that tourists don’t come to the Algarve, let alone to low-density areas, to consume art, we also know that the better their vacation experience, the greater the value they place on the region. It was in pursuit of this goal that we decided to apply to the “Garantir Cultura” program and that we enthusiastically developed our “RuralizArte”. In developing the project, we brought together artists from various disciplines, from graffiti, painting, tapestry, digital art, street art, among other wonderful manifestations!

ana sousa

«O Vento Enfim Parou»


Plastic paint on wall

“Taking a verse from a Sérgio Godinho song as its motto, this site-specific mural painting, created as part of the Monte do Malhão – Rural Art project, by Ana de Sousa (July 2022), evokes the transition from the daily hustle and bustle of city dwellers to the tranquillity experienced by all those who inhabit this rural tourism site, even if it’s just for one night. Located at the entrance to Monte do Malhão, this piece of street art welcomes those who arrive, with the promise that the wind it brings will dissipate in the horizontality of the landscape. In the center left of the representation stands the shadow of a leafy and delicate almond tree, so characteristic of the Algarve that it gave rise to the legend of the almond blossom, a phenomenon that only occurs in spring. A mild and soothing time, close to nature and far from all the constraints that take us away from ourselves, is precisely what this project proposes. Complementing the tree’s shadow are the shadows of four figures on the right: a boy in a cap holding a stick, two others playing the accordion and a girl with a flower, with slender, fragile feet, reminiscent of a carnation, a symbol of freedom in Portuguese culture. The shadows of these young beings, permanent inhabitants of Malhão, take us back to childhood/youth, combining the joy that springs from freedom (to play, touch and see) with the idea of dreaming. This is what Monte do Malhão is: a place that is the fruit of dreams and invites us to stop and dream, as if spring had arrived and our dreams were opening in bloom.”

About the Author

Lisbon, February 4, 1980. With a degree in Fine Arts - Painting (2003), a master's degree (2007) and a PhD (2016) in Art Education from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Ana Sousa has been a lecturer at this institution (since 2009), artist and researcher at the Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts, where she coordinates the Art Education group. In the fields of painting and photography, one of his latest exhibitions is entitled Na véspera de não partir nunca and took place at Quinta da Cruz, in Viseu, from July 21 to September 5, 2017. As a fiber artist, she has been exhibiting regularly since 2002, with numerous exhibitions at the Guy Fino Tapestry Museum in Portalegre. Also at a national level, his participation in the group exhibition Palimpsesto, curated by Maria Manuela Lopes and organized by the Cultivamos Cultura association, at the Penafiel Municipal Museum, from January 17 to February 9, 2020, is noteworthy. Internationally, she took part in the Verbeke Foundation's Winter Exhibition in Kemzeke, Belgium, from November 15, 2015 to March 14, 2016. As a lecturer and researcher, she teaches on the PhD in Art Education, the MA in Art Education and the MA in Visual Arts Teaching at the University of Lisbon, developing collaborative and constructivist studies in the fields of teacher training and visual arts didactics. She is also a collaborating researcher at the University of São Paulo and co-responsible for the ConfiArte project: Re-Creative Art-Citizenship Workshops, sponsored by DGArtes.


«Quo vadis, Rara avis»


Raku ceramic installations in iron

It was a creative allegory with a special focus on Nature/Human Condition and the reductive deconstruction of the Self.

About the author

Poet, multifaceted artist and film director, he lives in London, from where he develops his artistic activity. A prize-winner in various creative techniques, he is the founder of the worldwide art movement called "Pandemic Art", based in the United Kingdom. This artistic current focuses on a new way of creating and warns of the need to redefine art, taking into account the arrival first of a pandemic and then of a war in Europe and the direct and collateral effects it had on society in general, and on artists in particular. Paulo was also co-founder and president of the Peace and Art Society (PAS), where between 2014 and 2016 he co-organized the international event "My Fukushima", which brought together around 170 artists from 110 countries against nuclear power.

Rui rosa

«Lisboa Gráfica»


Graphic Design

In this work we see typical symbols of the city of Lisbon represented, such as Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Pessoa, roasted sardines on bread, red wine, mosaics, among others that call for a beautiful exercise in memory and a journey through the stories of the Portuguese capital.

About the author

With a degree in business communication, he was born in Lisbon in 1974, but soon moved to Vila Real de Santo António, where he still lives. From an early age he showed a great passion for drawing, which led him to pursue a career as a graphic designer.

vilma andré

«Cana e Luz»


Cane lighting installation

It came about as a result of various experiments carried out with local artisans in 2012, the year I moved back to Castro Marim after nine years living abroad – in Lisbon and Barcelona. Back home, with the experience of working with artisans to develop products, acquired in Barcelona where I collaborated in the studio of designer Gerard Moliné, and with a new perspective on my original culture, I began a series of exercises aimed at valuing local resources and techniques that have fallen into disuse and are still highly undervalued by the local community. Work tied to poverty and the harshness of rural life.
These exercises were aimed at studying the potential for developing new contemporary and sustainable products. The first experiments with light resulted from the reuse of electrical material gathered in 2009/2010 – the year I taught Technological Education and Project Area at the Dona Luísa de Gusmão Secondary School in Lisbon – and where I set out to develop, with the students, the assembly of an electrical circuit and the construction of a lamp using recycled materials.

About the Author

Castro Marim, 1985, with a degree in Equipment Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (2008), I currently live and work in Lisbon, where I am responsible for the showroom and projects of the Spanish furniture brand Gandia Blasco. My constant curiosity and love of learning and experimentation led me to a very diverse career in design and the visual arts. Alongside various training courses, internships and jobs in these areas, both inside and outside Portugal, I have been developing my personal projects and freelance work since early on (2009), ranging from graphic design and furniture and interior design to drawing, illustration, fine arts and project management. Instagram: @vilma_andre

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